Monday, April 25, 2011

The joys of toddlerhood and an Easter recap

This Easter, Maddox was old enough to take part in more of the activities and really enjoyed a week of holiday events. It's fun watching him grow and discover.

Early in the week, we met up with friends and dyed eggs at the park. Most of the dye ended up on the kids and on the floor, but they loved dunking them and eating the frosted Easter cookies one mom brought. Here's Maddox with the twins.

Next, we had a weekend Egg hunt at church. Maddox didn't know what to do first-- there was a "sand box" of bird seed to dig in, giant bubbles to blow, a park to play in, a bouncey house, and even a petting zoo complete with lambs, ducks and chicks, dogs, and rabbits.

We hunted eggs together and even stopped long enough to pose for a few photos. After picking up each egg, Maddox would dump out the candy contents to see what he'd gotten. We didn't keep most of the candy (It was taffy and hard candy) but here's a shot of him devouring a bag of fruit chews they also left out for the kids to find.

On Sunday, we hid eggs in the grass and let Maddox run around in search of a half dozen hard boiled ones. (Good thing he's so good at finding them or we'd have no eggs for Easter brunch ; ) After finding each egg, he'd hold it high and show us ANOTHER EGG!

At church on Sunday, they had all the kids go up front with "Jesus" for the final song. And of course, guess whose child was the only one climbing up and down stairs and zooming around the front of the church? Yup, you guessed it.

Of course by the end of the song, he was finally sitting nicely and cried when he had to get off the stairs...

The final verdict? Easter is pretty fun when you're 2. 

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