Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kid-friendly eats with healthy options

If you're like me, lunchtime often leaves you with a hungry munchkin who can't wait another minute for a quick meal. And when you're out running errands or far from home, that often means scrambling to find a fast lunch spot that doesn't just serve burgers and fries.

We made a conscious decision to give up fast food years ago, and thankfully we don't have to rely on it!

One of our favorite quick lunch or dinner stops is Cracker Barrel restaurant. There's hardly any wait, plenty of nutritious options, and food is served quickly by  friendly staff. Some of our favorite foods to share are collard greens, pinto beans, salad, biscuits, and Maddox loves the chicken fingers.

Our last lunch bill totaled around only $8. Cheers to that!

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