Friday, April 8, 2011

Mission Knits: Adorable find for a great cause!

Late last year I discovered a cute little online store run by a pre-teen girl named Mady. Her store is called Mission Knits. Maddy makes and sells knit items that include toys, baby clothes, and wearables to help fund her mission trips.
These knit items are adorable, well-made and AFFORDABLE! Prices start at around $15. Sometimes there is a waiting list depending on how many orders Maddy is currently working on.
Here are a few more examples of what you will find from Mission Knits.

Maddox loves his Mom and Baby monster we had made in blue and brown. He stays entertained by taking the baby in and out of the momma's pocket and you never know where you'll find them.


  1. You have a blog...yeah!! Super cute stuff about this knitting...I've been knitting like crazy for the baby! By the way, congrats! ;-)

  2. I did start one! Thanks for reading.