Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer Kids Crafts: Pine cone bird feeders and personalized stepping stones

Spring and Summer are the perfect times of year to start an outdoor craft project. Kids love learning new things and creating usable crafts.

The following simple crafts are both inexpensive and perfect for young children. A little imagination can go a long way on a warm afternoon.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder 
Gather together:
Smooth peanut butter
1-2 Pine cones
String or twine
A pan of bird seed
A spoon for spreading

Line an outdoor table with newspaper and set out your supplies. Tie a 2 foot piece of string to the top of the pine cone. Let the kids slather the pine cone with peanut butter and roll it in the bird seed. Allow to dry for a few hours before hanging up for the birds to enjoy!

Stepping Stones
Stepping stone kit
Tiles, stones, beads
Thin wood dowel for writing
Handi-wipes for quick cleanup

Most craft stores sell inexpensive stepping stone kits. All you need to do is mix the cement according to directions (ours was slightly too moist so we let it sit for 30 minutes in the sun before decorating). Create your own designs with handprints, footprints, mosaics, glass stones, and beads. You can use a wood dowel to draw and write a name or spell it out in beads. Allow to dry one day before removing from the mold. Most kits come with enough mix to make more than one stepping stone.

Last summer Maddox and I made a stepping stone for the garden with his handprint and Henry's pawprint. The two buddies created a cherished momento we can enjoy for years to come.

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  1. I love the stepping stone idea - I keep meaning to do this and then forgetting about it. Thanks for the reminder! :)