Thursday, April 21, 2011

The sweetness of Spring: Sweet bread and lemon filling

At our house, muffins are a favorite for breakfast. Maddox loves any and every kind of sweet bread and when I can sneak a few veggies into his diet, I won't pass up the chance.

I'm always looking for a great sweet bread recipe. Most I pull up on my iphone from applications I've downloaded but the results have been mixed. I prefer using tried-and-true favorites from friends, so when  I came across Jenet's Zuchinni Walnut Bread I was eager to give it a try. Besides, our garden will soon be brimming with zuchinni and you can never have enough great recipes on hand to handle abundant produce. 

The result was a tasty, moist bread with a nice texture and flavor. Maddox was so eager to try it that I allowed him a large slice with his lunch... then another. He ended up devouring almost half the pan!

Ah well, at least he got a good dose of zuchinni.

The next recipe I pulled out was a lemon meringue pie recipe from a Mennonite cookbook. It's a collection I use for inspiration. The Mennonites are experts when it comes to desserts and baked goods; none of the recipes have left me disappointed.
After our lemon curd didn't quite go as planned, I decided to make just the filling for a tart and tangy treat. The result was delicious!

Pie fillings are perfect for a time-saving treat with fewer calories. Plus whipping together just the filling takes only minutes.

And as much as Maddox loves a homemade treat, this is one I think I'll save for myself-- it's going to be Mommy's little indulgence.

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