Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Appy Mommy Day!"

Mother's Day 2011

6:30 am call from the event company.. Aparantly they forgot I'm off today
Breakfast shared with Maddox who always begs for my fruit AND his; what can I say? I unknowingly taught him to eat off my plate.
Quick kitchen sweep up of crumbs and things the dogs dragged in
Early morning bath for our bulldog while Maddox got fully soaked/covered in dog hair while still in pajamas
Quick change and off to the barn with my mini equestrian sidekick
Bareback horse rides
Bath for the horse and a hoof trim while Maddox fed her weeds and helped dry her off... while I was still washing
A walk with the dogs while Maddox called out "come! come!" to the canines
A visit to the car wash and much-needed cleaning and vaccuming of the mom-mobile
Stop at Publix to pick up diapers
Quick drive through McDonald's for an iced coffee refresher
Picked up Dad for lunch at Royal Tai (Who loves sticky rice? Two-year-olds do!)

Naps all around

How was your "Mommy Day?"

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