Sunday, May 1, 2011

Toddler bedroom gets a modern facelift

So lately I've been inspired to finish decorating some of the house, and re-decorating a few areas.

My project this weekend was to re-do Maddox's room from a baby-themed zoo room into something cute and gender neutral. I also wanted to make it more mature without getting too carried away by decorating with colors and patterns.

Most everything I used came from Target and cost around $200.

The bedding is new but I used his old bumper pad to save a little money. I was planning to paint but instead I decided to use a beautiful Queen size quilt in green as a wall hanging for added color and texture. It also saved a lot of time and can be easily changed. The curtains are actually tableclothes with a design I loved.

On his dresser are two color-coordinated placemats to protect the top from scratches. The wall clock is a matching green and was a steal at $3! For changing table, I bought a few baskets in brown and beige that were on sale. On the wall by his closet, I put some wall decals in nature themes. I also found a cute clothes hamper that fits in the corner and can be hidden behind the door. I hung his jackets on hooks to help open up closet space. Also behind the door is a dry erase board for chores.

Finally, I found a cute art deco picture of a dog that pulls from the room colors and I felt gives is a "boy" feel.

I'm very happy with the result.

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