Monday, October 1, 2012

It's fall. It's cold. It's stripes.
Shoes: Soft Shoes
Sweatshirt: Children's Place
Leggings: BabyLegs
Onesie: Carter's

Art projects piling up and our new display wall

Maddox has become quite the enthusiastic artist lately. Right around the 3 year mark he became mature enough to handle markers, glue and paint like a pro (and finally without eating any of it). And now that he goes to an enrichment class twice a week, those projects combined with the ones we do at home have covered our fridge. And made the kitchen look cluttered (even though I love looking at his pictures).
So I made an art wall.
I bought two interlocking strips of cork board and alphabet decals. A few push pins later, TA-DA! You could easily put up more, which we will need soon. But we've been switchin out the old art with new ones. We may even frame some of our favorites.