Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A history of quilts

Quilts seem to be knit into our family. In a vintage suitcase in my closet are three quilts intricately stitched by my grandmother and great-grandmother. I take them out and smell the scent of the antique hands that lovingly pieced each together. I hope one day to display them by hanging them from hooks on the wall, but for now they're in safe keeping.

Back in high school I resurrected the tradition of hand quilting by making a windmill quilt. I sewed and quilted the entire piece by hand which took three years and a LOT of patience. Most of it was done while visiting our cabin in the woods where there is no television and few distractions so crafts were easier to tackle. At one time my quilt served as the bedspread for our guest room, but it too is tucked away right now.

Here's a photo of my hard work. I made it to fit a standard size or twin bed.

Now that my second son is on the way, I've decided to make another quilt by hand. Below is a photo of the fabrics I chose. My quilting may be a little rusty and I may not have as much free time as pre-child number one, but I think it will work well in the boys room.

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