Friday, August 5, 2011

Feeling craft-y? Do-it-yourself artwork

This week has been inspiring. I tackled multiple do-it-yourself projects and crafts that I'll share in the next few posts.

I admit that part of the motivation came from moving/house-shopping stress coupled with the physical and mental drain of weekend trips to Knoxville (this will be my third weekend making the drive and I'll be working on Sunday). The other side to the story is that I've been in tremendous pain this week and keeping busy helps take my mind off of it. The doctors are working hard to help me find some relief, but mostly it's just the unfortunate side of pregnancy symptoms. 

Yesterday evening I had a great shopping trip to Hobby Lobby. I almost forgot how much I LOVE that store. The prices are lower that JoAnne's and it's much more convenient to our house.

I found a fantastic roll of fabric for 30% off. I then found this adorable frame for 50% off. By combining the two, I created a great piece of artwork for our bathroom.
And look how well it matches the rest of the bathroom!
I am in love with the look so much that I'm considering making a collection of small framed fabrics and mixing in some photographs for the kids room, or framing three other fabrics I love and hanging them over the master bed.

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