Saturday, May 12, 2012

Knoxville moms weigh in on TIME magazine cover

The Knoxville Lisa Ross Moms Group, which I am a part of, was asked to come down to the birth center yesterday to give our opinions on the latest TIME magazine cover. The photo shows a 3-year old standing on a stool nursing, while his mother is posed defiantly looking at the camera. The headline reads, "Are You Mom Enough?"

The cover quickly spread through the media with nearly everyone spouting their opinions. Some were informative, many were anti-extended breast-feeding in some form and a few even took it to a sexual extreme.

Who knew so many (mostly parents and the majority other mothers) had such strong opinions on the "right" and "wrong" way to nuture a child?

In a world where mothers, adults, and even young people  march in the streets for the right to abort their unborn children, should that same society really give a mother who chooses to nurture her child in a very natural way for an extended period of time really get bashed so unashamedly? Who is anyone to tell any mother they must "cover up," "put it in a cup," or "hide in a bathroom" if she must do something so selfless as choose to provide nutrition to her young.

Sadly, formula companies have gained the lead in America with more advertising dollars and providing financial support and free formula samples to the midical community than natural parenting institutes. And slowly but surely changed the mind-set of modern America into a "can is better than the breast" mentality. While society feeds us images that sexualize women and their breasts as something to ogle. Have we really back-slid into believing breasts are only sexual? That they should be shielded out of sight if used as a feeding tool, only exposed in low-cut and sensual clothing? Really?!?

Yes, pretty much.

I packed up the kids and joined the discussion yesterday. Here is a link to the story that followed:

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