Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The end of summer and school days OH MY!

Maddox started "school." I can hardly believe that a. he is old enough and b. I actually caved and signed him up for a program. Even if it is more a mom's-day-out than Pre K.
My how does he love it. Maddox talks about school ALL THE TIME. He asks every day when he gets to go to school, he even asks if he can go back right after we leave to go home.
But he also seems to enjoy our days at home more now to. Most weekdays he wants to spend his time outside just being a kid and protests if we have to go anywhere, which is new.
Today I caught a glimpse into his world away from home. When I dropped him off the boys excitedly greeted him and when we left a little blonde cutie told him good-bye. Friendships at this age are so sweet.
I dread when he will go full-time and try to take photos of all the cute/funny things he is doing. Such as playing doctor in an outfit he picked out by himself..

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