Monday, June 20, 2011

A breakfast hike

This morning after my daily run, we attempted to meet up with the Mom's Club for a group walk at a local state park. I normally walk the dogs every day to wear out my four-legged energizer pooch (aren't dogs supposed to slow down by age 9?)-- so I put our Australian Shepherd in the car and brought him along for his daily exercise. With breakfast packed, we headed out bright and early for our little adventure.

Unfortunately, our plans took a detour when we discovered the park was not "dog friendly." We were forced to leave since the signs posted clearly stated that pets were not permitted on the walking loop.

Ahhhhhhhhhh no! So much for some time outdoors, time to talk with other moms, and new scenery.

On our way to the main road, there was a sign marked outside the park for another trail so we decided to stop. This trail was more of a hike-- not paved. Thank goodness for jogging strollers!

We navigated through the trees, up a hill, and around a small lake. It was a beautiful morning and the weekend rain made the greenery glisten. Maddox and I ate breakfast while admiring the beautiful place we live, something we don't often take the time to do.

My only advice to other adventurous mommies? Be sure to wear bug repellent!

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