Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All I want this Mother's Day...

Mother's Day is a yearly event dedicated to pampering the child-rearers of the world and showering them with appreciation. Well... at least in theory.

But what really matters to a mother? What does she most want?

I could say that the average mother wants to be remembered with homemade cards, breakfast made by her small brood, and maybe a bouquet of flowers--hand picked are extra special. (Fond memories at our house growing up were the "Mom project" gifts that became keepsakes: pottery we painted, a painted box for jewelry, a clay necklace, and a tiny clay koala. And while these things make sweet memories, this year I'm going to go just a little deeper with my wish.
So what do I really want this year?

On a very raw level, I just want to know that my son is safe and secure. My wishes are for him: that he stays healthy and strong; That he will always be kind and compassionate; That he will learn how to deal with adversity and develop a strong character; That he will have a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong and be able to stand up for what he should; For him to find what he is passionate about early in life and develop those things into lifelong talents. 

Having children is a blessing, not a right. And I'm thankful he came into my life.

What are your wishes for Mother's Day this year?

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