Friday, May 6, 2011

Rock a bye baby

It may be overdue, but I'm finally out of the woods and (mostly) feeling human again. Plus between managing all aspects of the house, work, a little one, and a physically demanding day every day I just haven't been ready.

So here it goes. (Sorry to those of you who are not getting a personal announcement but I've honestly told hardly anyone.)

Yes, I'm pregnant again. This weekend marks the 18 week check point. Maddox has started to pick out babies in the store and announce to me that he's found "a baby!" Which is good. A few months ago the only babies he recognized had fur and lived in our chinchilla room.

This week I switched to the midwife group that delivered Maddox. It's not that the doctor I have is not a nice lady, but the personal touch and concern with my midwife just doesn't compare. At my last appointment in the new office I finally felt comfortable about maternity care. I tend to freak out aka hyperventilate at doctors offices. So it was a relief-- to me and the poor nurses who have to figure out why my blood pressure is suddenly skyrocketing! (If anyone needs a midwife let me know.)

In two weeks, we'll find out if it's going to be pink or blue. Or rather, who will be sleeping in the green and brown crib sheets!

It's a little overwhealming but I hope to spend some time back with friends and family sometime after delivery.

Here's a photo of 18 weeks... and counting

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