Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Cravings: sugar free Lemon Curd

Recently I found this recipe for Sugar Free Lemon Curd from Simply Sugar and Gluten Free. I've never had lemon curd before that I can remember, but the tartness of the fruit sounded wonderful. I decided to try and make some this morning.

My plan was to share with readers a picture of my wonderful lemon curd, only mine didn't turn out quite like I'd planned. I substituted stevia and honey for the agave nectar, which was fine, but realized too late that the eggs I'd tried to salvage from our fridge during the power outage had frozen while in safe keeping. The egg whites were none the worse for it, but the yolks remained a solid sphere of yellow. I had to carefully dig out my yolks and discard them.

This made me a little nervous about the results, which turned out to be well waranted. The lemon curd was too thin. It's a tasty treat in itself, but certainly nothing to share with company or curious readers.

I went ahead and picked up more eggs (an interesting story I will post later) and plan to try again.

Hopefully you are more adept in the kitchen, *sigh*

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