Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oreo "Cake Pops" for childrens parties

American Cupcake in London recently posted a recipe for Oreo "Cake Pops" made out of bits of cake and drizzled with oreo-laced icing.

These delicious-looking lollipops would be perfect for a children's party (as long as the children are old enough not to choke on the stick of course). But you could also make these "under-age-5" appropriate by forgoing the stick altogether and just making oreo cake balls.

The recipe calls for boxed cake mix, but for a homemade dessert simply substitute your own favorite cake recipe. Cakes are actually very simple to make! And homemade always tastes better (and better for you with all "natural" ingredients). Of course in a pinch, a cook could purchase a cheap pre-made cake. Our local Kroger always has cakes on clearance for only a few dollars.

And while you're there, check out other inspiring cupcake recipes and photos from American Cupcake in London.

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